About Us

MD Road and Rail Traffic management are a Melbourne based traffic control company that has been established since February 2010.


Our Traffic controllers are skilled and highly trained and we cater for all types of events and construction works that require any form of traffic control.

What does MD Road and Rail Do

Our services at MD Road and Rail cover anything from major stadium events to large construction works


Operations include traffic management for:

  • Major sports events, such as AFL and soccer games.

  • Stadium concerts, such as Foo Fighters, One Direction, Taylor Swift, AC/DC.
    organisation of nearly 100 road coaches.drew in an average crowd of 70,000 each day over three days and required the  

  • Stadium conventions, such as the Internation Jehovahs Witness convention which  

  • Large or small construction works in metropolitan or suburban areas


MD Road and Rail work alongside the Melbourne City Council, Vic Roads, Worksafe, PTV, Metro, Yarra Trams, and in conjunction with the police.

We have highly qualified and professional staff with a range of qualifications and expertise. All of our staff have a minimum of a Construction White Card and a Traffic Control and Management certification.

Although we additionally have staff with Railway certification level 1 and 2 as well as other certifications.


All Staff members undergo further extensive training with senior members of our management team to ensure an extremely high level of competence, proficiency and professionalism.

Call Us with any enquiry
Vas Patkov 
VIC Operations Manager

0411 795 166

Sargon Namat 
NSW Operations Manager

0435 374 419

Archie Pappas 
 Client Relations

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