Construction Works

  • Powerbuild/Lendlease construction projects on Merchant St/Bourke St
  • Road closures and traffic control for general demolition and construction
  • Management of building material deliveries
  • Supervision and facilitation of crane works

Flinders Lane:

  •  Full road closures

  •  Crane works and deliveries

  •  Pedestrian access

  •  Melbourne CBD, United Plumbing

  •  Closures of Malvern Road and other major arterial roads

  •  Lane closures, detours, deliveries

  •  Management of heavy road and pedestrian traffic


Additional Traffic management has been provided at the following locations:

  • Jolimont Road

  • Coppin Street

  • Studd Road and Burwood Highway

  • Rupert Street, Collingwood, for Drakk Group

  • Mt Alexander Road

  • La Skala Street

  • Darebin Road, Thonbury

  • Doncaster Rd

  • Roden Street, Melbourne CBD


The operations that have been performed at these locations include, road closures,

detours, deliveries, concrete pours, crane works, assisting pedestrians.


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