Past and Current Events

Past and Ongoing contracts actioned by MD Road and Rail:

MD is the official traffic control provider for all Etihad Stadium events. We provide a full range of services, depending on the event, from traffic condition alerts, through to fully-manned, complete road closures and logistics management and supervistion/operation of designated pick-up and drop-off "safe zones". As well as safe management of traffic around the stadium and management of pedestrians entering and exiting the stadium for the  duration of the event.


Events at Etihad Stadium:

Jehovahs witness Convention

  •  Three day event at Etihad Stadium with approximately 75,000 attendees each day.

  •  Two road closures each day of the event.

  •  Management of pedestrians entering and exiting the venue.

  •  Management of road traffic around and near the arena.

  •  Organisation of approximately 100 road coaches performing 3 pickups/drop-offs twice per day.


 Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift, One Direction, AC/DC

  •  Managing all areas of the stadium that involve pedestrians traffic and road traffic ontrol and organisation

  •  AFL games

  •  A-League soccer games

  •  Enacment of weekly closures for all small to large games

  •  Coordinating with police, YarraTrams and Etihad Stadium staff to ensure that all pedestrians exit

  •  The stadium area safely and quickly with minimal disruptions to road traffic

  •  Facilitating rapid emptying of the stadium carpark and controlling of traffic on connected roads